A unique series of artistic interventions in the old silo of blueFACTORY.

BlueFACTORY and État Des Choses have joined up to host a unique series of artistic interventions. Five institutions and venues for current & actual music from Fribourg, as well as two essential electronic music institutions housed in BlueFactory have been invited to propose an enchanting journey into the silo.

Starting from the 13th of March until the 29th of April, these institutions will book week by week an event which will take place at the top of the silo of the old and long-abandoned Cardinal beer factory. The public will be able to win tickets through contests via our Social Media & newsletter, so make sure to follow us & subscribe to our mailing list !

About & Tickets

This all started last year, when alternative culture amateurs & players decided to take this initiative. Since then, this project has been coordinated & organized by État Des Choses, a magazine & platform dedicated to reflections on contemporary artistic and social practices. With the complicity of blueFACTORY, this initiative was then presented to our partners and is now integrating institutions from all over the canton of Fribourg.

The goal of this project is to bring light upon extended culture, improve visiting culture and the culture of togetherness between different cultural actors through the opening to the public of the Silo, which will thus be exploited and used one last time before its renovation. We want to promote this space as a future unifying platform for the various actors in art and science research as well as an important cultural hub for Fribourg.

Several important cultural institutions in the region will then seize the opportunity to propose one event per week between March and April, in order to present a diverse artistic program, involving a multitude of mediums. This is the perfect occasion for the many players in the field to get together to exchange, create and share their passion and their vision of a strong and united cultural network. Tickets for the various events will be up for grabs via raffle contests posted on the Blue Hour Instagram page.

To be able to take part in those events, you’ll have to participate & win tickets for each session through our giveaways via Instagram. Subscribe to us, save our post & enable notifications so you don't miss anything !